My Username History

So who is Zalgryth exactly?

Well, before that question is answered, I’ll give you a brief history of my usernames and why I came up with them.

When I first got the Internet, it was AOL. I was around 11 or 12, and I loved a game that had recently come out for GameCube: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I loved GameCube and had several other favourites (still do!) but as for characters, Sonic and Shadow were two of my favourites. So when first creating my own AOL account, I tried ShadowSonic. Of course it was taken! What it offered me was ShadowSonic20968, and after much consideration (about 30 seconds), I accepted.

So soon, was born. I stuck with that for a long time until around 2005. I was 13 and I had found out about an online game called RuneScape from my two best friends. Very soon after I learned about the game, I signed up to give it a try. Unfortunately, the name length limit is 12 characters! Clearly, ShadowSonic20968 was not going to work. I tried a few combinations, but with so many accounts in existence, it was hard to find something. That’s when I decided to simply drop ShadowSonic. I remembered by fondness of the Megaman X franchise from when I was little, and decided to try out a new name.

Enter Mega20968. That name became big for me. I created an email account with that name (on hotmail. I still use it!) and played RuneScape a lot. I grew fond of the name, even though it had numbers…

Around the same time, I had just reconnected with a long-lost best friend from my childhood years. He might not know this, but he was extremely influential on my life.

This friend of mine had a display name on MSN that appealed to me. It was Japanese and it got me started into Japanese stuff. I looked up Japanese words and found that ryuu is Japanese for dragon. I quickly bonded two words together: Mega (I’m sure you know from where by now) and ryuu. And so Megaryuu was born.

Megaryuu became my predominant name online. Of course, I stuck with Mega20968 in RuneScape (name changes weren’t available at the time) and since I had an established email with a contact list on MSN, I never took the time to change all that.

Places where I’ve used Megaryuu: Twitter, Facebook, TheBiasphere, FunnyJunk, NewGrounds, TribalWars, StumbleUpon, MyAnimeList… And the list goes on, though these are the more important ones. I also made my own website (, though I didn’t maintain it much so I doubt I ever got any visitors.

Another name I used temporarily over the years include Shaega (Shadow + Mega, and a variant: Lord Shaega), though that one was never big. When RuneScape allowed name changing, I was very (VERY) hesitant to get rid of Mega20968… but realistically, I knew that changing it would have a better impact on me, since numbers like that are generally hard to remember. That’s when I changed to Lord Shaega. It was like this for about a year.

Somewhere in that year, Jagex (owners of RuneScape) added a new community feature called the Triumvirate, in which you can join one of three factions: Lords, Judges, and Reavers. I was immediately drawn to Reavers, so I joined them, but my name gave me troubles as you can guess. In January 2010, I changed my RuneScape username to Nox Lupo, which is Latin for “The night is made for the wolf.”

I still used Megaryuu a lot. Starting in October 2010, I started looking at it objectively. Searching for Megaryuu on Google returns results of a Japanese band called MEGARYU, unless you choose to exclude Megaryu from your results. This is a major inconvenience! So I thought about it for a while and stumbled upon a site called KnowEm. It’s a convenient tool for checking hundreds of sites to see where your username is registered… I was initially considering Shaega but noticed that it wasn’t a completely unique name and that it was taken in a few times, including Twitter! So I knew I had to brainstorm again.

After some consideration, I decided to go for a name I had used for a character in World of Warcraft. Zalgryth is a Blood Elf Warlock who at the time of writing this is 45. His name was just a copy of my old lvl 30 Warlock main on another server. How did I come up with the name? I purely made it up! My first character was a Night Elf Druid called Grythor, and I liked the fantasy-like gryth part of the name, so I made a few more characters with that tacked on to the end.

So after testing Zalgryth in the almighty KnowEm search, I noticed that it was not taken anywhere. I’ve slowly been registering and moving things around since.


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