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First Game: Tile Flipping?

As promised in the previous post, this is the first of many project starters.

I must admit that I have already done some work on it. For a project, it has been incredibly easy so far. However, I’ll leave the post-creation analysis for after I’m completely finished. For now, I’ll give a brief overview of the project and what my intentions were when I started it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever take the effort to give proper names for the game projects (though if I’m hit with inspiration I’m sure I’ll use whatever great names I come up with). In the meantime, my first project is extremely simple and therefore suitably has a very simple name: Tile Flipping.

Why did I choose something so simple? Perhaps it was out of an act of desperation: I did not want to have any excuse to procrastinate any further. It is difficult to start and to work on a project when so many other things are begging for attention. Anime, World of Warcraft (with its awesome new expansion), learning Japanese, reading… There are a lot of interesting things to do but only a finite amount of time. Therefore, priorities need to be in place. Knowing my tendencies to jump onto something with instant gratification, I decided to prevent myself from procrastinating any longer and to get myself started as soon as possible. I knew that if I took too much time to come up with something fun, I’d get lost in the many possibilities and end up putting it off. I’m sure this will resonate with some of you.

Therefore, I picked the first and easiest thing that came to mind: a tile flipping game. One of those where you click a tile and its surrounding tiles flip, in which the goal is to get all the tiles facing the same way. I didn’t want to get stuck on choosing which language I was going to use (yet another place I could have so easily procrastinated) so I chose the quickest and dirtiest tool for the job: HTML and JavaScript.

Having such a simple first project also gives me the opportunity to come up with an interesting second project. I haven’t set any time limits for myself but I want to get the ball rolling and so I’ve been brainstorming for multiple games to follow. I’ve had a few good ideas floating so I’ll come up with something interesting and worthwhile to take the time to complete. My goal with these games is to learn and to improve myself in creating and delivering games.

Though I don’t have much to offer in terms of games for this project, I hope even one person reads this and decides to step out of their procrastination cycle. It’s very easy to read motivating articles and surf /r/gamedev¬†all day but time’s ticking and no experience is had being passive. If you feel the same way, take this opportunity to come up with something. Anything. A tiny game such as a tile flipping game – anything to get your foot in the door. Get started.

Well, this turned into a rant. If this has inspired any of you, now or years from now, please comment here so that others can also see and get motivated.

My future blog posts won’t be so preachy! Hopefully the next blog post you see (and soon) is a nice postmortem post about the tile flipping game (and a link to try it out). Around that time I will also announce my next project which will hopefully be a lot more interesting! Stay tuned!

Once again, thank you for reading, and make sure to check out my Twitter! @zalgryth