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Learning Japanese

You may be wondering why I want to learn Japanese. You might conclude that, since I watch and love anime, I want to learn Japanese because of anime. INCORRECT!

What some of you may not know about me is that I love languages. My first language was French and I started learning my first words of English in Kindergarten (when I was 5 years old). Ever since, I’ve had a fondness for learning new languages. When given the opportunity in high school, I took a German class. German was never on my list of languages to learn since it’s not extremely relevant to my life. I did love that class nonetheless because I get a satisfaction in knowing I can carry on basic conversations in a language I’ve never conversed in before.

For more information about why I believe learning languages is something everyone should do and to see a few links I’ve gathered over the Internet in my pursuit to learn Japanese, please click on “continue reading” or the title of this post. Continue reading