EE Artist FAQ

I’m in a bit of a hurry so I’ll edit if anything needs it later.

I’ve received a lot of questions about why it doesn’t work sometimes. I’ll answer the most common questions here.

It says invalid user, pass or worldID.

First thing you need to know is that this doesn’t support Facebook or Kongregate login at this time. When you enter your email and password for Everybody Edits, make sure to not include any spaces before or after any of the text in any box. For world ID, do not put the entire link!┬áMake sure to put the part that starts with “PW” and ends with “0I”.

It crashes and there are no helpful error messages.

Make sure all the files are extracted in the same folder. There should be EEArtist.exe, PlayerIOClient.dll, readme.txt, and a folder called includes with two images and two text files. Make sure you do not run it from inside the .zip folder!

.NET Framework error

All I can tell you for this is to Google the version it gives you. I’ll be updating the bot sometime soon and I’ll see what I can do to fix this ┬áproblem for people.

Sorry, this is all the time I have right now. If you have any more concerns or problems, please leave comments here. I try to check them once in a while.


4 thoughts on “EE Artist FAQ

  1. AgentX

    Cool, this helped a little. It works now. My problem was I was not using it for a saved world I was trying to use it with the “+ create your own world”, but that does not work (which i figured out when you said Make sure to put the part that starts with “PW” and ends with “0I” in the World ID” that i could not find). The only down side is my account logs in with Facebook, so I made a new account and all the pictures are leaving black spaces. But, its very cool and I would appreciate if you could make it compatible with Facebook.

  2. zelz

    I can’t create art, I have the worldID and code good writen, but when I click for do a picture(in connect, after than click in draw art), I can’t create art

  3. Junit123

    Hey Zalgryth, my EE artist is working fine in MY levels, but it doesn’t work in other peoples’ levels. I enter my email, pass, world link, and the code to the world. I press connect, and a pop-up comes up saying “Code successfully Entered”. I press OK, and it disconnects me. I try to connect again, and the same thing happens. I hope you can fix this.

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