EE Artist – Current Release

Download link: EE Artist v1.01

Hey guys,

First of all, I sincerely apologize for taking the download down last night. I understand many of you were looking forward to it, so I am very sorry. Please let me explain why I did so.

Last night, I found out about C# decompilation the hard way. I was under the assumption that the steps I followed would have prevented this from happening, but I was clearly wrong. Shortly after being uploaded, it was decompiled, so many people could easily see exactly how the bot was built.

That reason alone is not why I panicked, though. I added some security measures so that I or EverybodyEdits admins could shut down a bot. This was to prevent abuse. Unfortunately, with this development, it is possible for skilled people to remove these safety features. This made me quite nervous!

I will be re-uploading it though. And it won’t be protected from decompilation. The reason for this is that I understand people’s scepticism in putting in their EverybodyEdits email and password in a strange program. My hope in putting this program up this way is for those skilled programmers to confirm that your login information is safe with my program. If you don’t feel safe, feel free to ask anybody who has looked at the code. Of course, you could just not use my program if you’re worried about it. Important: Since my source code was available, it is possible for someone else to make a version of EE Artist that can steal your information. Don’t trust any EEArtist programs from other websites than this one.

On a brighter note, I updated it to include a speed button. I became aware that some people’s bots would leave while uploading a picture… So I added a speed option. If the bot disconnects or has problems, try using a higher number.

Sorry for the delay, and thank you all very much for your patience.

Edit: Moved the download link up top and made it giant.


12 thoughts on “EE Artist – Current Release

  1. JonFawkes

    This is awesome, it’s very intuitive and efficient. The only problem is that there is no option to log in using a Facebook login, which is a little disappointed, because all of my items are on my account linked to my facebook account. I hope you will consider this as a feature in a future version

  2. basiscool


    i like ee artist and i have downloaded it…
    if i wanna open it there comes an error that i must download a version of the .net framework called: V4.0.30319,
    did u know what that is?

    greetings: basiscool

    1. eeartistman

      Basiscool: Hi, I’m Boss1000/eeartistman and here is some help you may want to consider.
      Folow these steps: 1. Google “how to download .net framework V4.0.30319″. 2. Download .net framework V4.0.30319 (it may take up to 2 hours on a slow computer, it may take about 1 hour to download on a fast computer and about 30 min on a really fast computer) 3. Open/run ee artist connect it and then take it from there to make your pictures.


  3. PSI

    Downloaded it and tested it. All works well, except that I don’t have certain bricks, and I cannot get them anytime soon. And yes, if you could please add an option as to say which bricks can be/can’t be used, that would be awesome. In the meantime, I’ll wait, since EEArtist is currently useless to me. xP

  4. AgentX

    HOW DO I CONNECT I DID EVERYTHING AS SAID ABOUT 100 TIMES AND IT STILL SAIS “Invalid user, pass, or worldID. Don’t forget you can’t be in your own world more than twice, and in another world more than once.” I MEMORIZED IT LITERLY!
    lol i reallllllly want to use this EE Artist but i can’t if you will not tell me how to connect. thanks

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