Welcome to my new blog!

Is it too late for an introductory post? I think not!

I thought I’d kick start my blog with a post of actual value instead of an intro. Perhaps it will serve as good luck? Who knows.

I’m Nicolas Lavallee. I go by Zalgryth and have gone by Megaryuu, so chances are very high that if you’ve seen either of those names around it was me. I’m currently enrolled at Conestoga College for Software Engineering, so my posts just might be influenced by things that I learn.

This blog will be about whatever I feel like writing, so it could cover games, technology, issues that I feel like bringing up, or just about anything else. My goal is to increase my writing skill and write about things I care about.

I don’t want to make this longer than it needs to be, so I’ll wrap it up here. If you’re reading this blog, you’re awesome.



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