EE Artist v1.0

EE Artist Release

Hey guys!

The much-anticipated EE Artist has now been released.

Important: Right now there is no choice as to which blocks you can use. It automatically uses all¬†blocks, so if you don’t have them all, it will leave a lot of black gaps. I intend on adding the block options very soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Download down for now. Sorry!

Download link: EE Artist


11 thoughts on “EE Artist Release

  1. eeartistman

    I tried your ee artist program and whenever I would try to use it on Everybody Edits it would say invalid user, pass, or worldid. Dont forget you can’t be in your own world more than twice, and in another world more than once. It happens everytime I try to use it. i know I put the correct information in it but still it says that. :( Please replay, thank you.

    1. Randy

      Hey, this guy has an EE Artist bot, but the link’s down. Can you give me the link to an alternate EE Artist? (I know because you said “I tried your ee artist program”. Thanks. My username is Laredotexas, and can you add me?

  2. eeartistman

    ok I got the framework stuff and I have this webcam thing that I dont know what to do with. I don’t get how to paste the picture of google onto the webcam thing. Also there were two different folders I could open and one of them was a bluetooth exchange folder and the other one was called youwebcam. Zalgryth, if you have any guides put it in a comment. Please help me.


  3. eeartistman

    Ok i found out how to do it and it was actually easier than I thought it would be. Thank you Zalgryth for creating the ee artist. if anyone needs help with it add it in here as a coment.

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