Procrastination is a wonderful thing. I had a lot of plans for this summer, but I must admit not much has been done out of those plans.

However, as much as I’m aware of the time I’ve wasted, I am happy at some of the things I’ve done. One note before you continue reading: this post is just about stuff I’ve done and not done in the past month. If you’re not interested in my personal life, there’s no need for you to read on. I’ll be updating my blog about other matters shortly. If you’re interested, click on “Continue reading” or the post title.

First of all, I’m happy to say I’ve followed through on a few of my plans I made for this summer. I had planned to watch Angel Beats!, and I have. It was a very well-written and touching anime. In fact, some of it was downright depressing. But it was a great anime nonetheless. Another series I had planned to watch was My Boss My Hero. It was a Japanese drama that my friend got me started on, and it was a fantastic series. Also touching/depressing at some parts, though it was mainly a comedic series.

I’d also planned to play around with RuneScape and Minecraft. I played RuneScape for about a week as a member before I once again became bored of it. I also recorded half an hour’s worth of me playing Minecraft and making a Let’s Play, but I’m not happy with the resulting sound quality and I haven’t taken the time to do anything with the recording. I recently bought a nice headset so I may find myself starting a new Let’s Play and I’ll probably release the old footage some other time.

I won’t mention exercise or job-hunting.

I do have to mention the one thing I’ve made that I’m happy with. My latest “addiction” or “procrastination catalyst” is a game I’ve mentioned before on my blog called Everybody Edits. It’s a really addictive flash game and it’s kept me busy. But all was not lost while playing this game! I decided to challenge myself to write a program for it. I will make another blog post solely talking about that program in detail, so if you want more information about it, go read that post.

Last but not least, I need to mention a learning project I’ve given myself. For the past year or so, I keep wanting to learn Japanese. I learn a bit, then forget about continuing on and get back, etc. I really want to learn the language for many reasons, so I will try to force myself to spend a bit of time each day learning Japanese. I will also make a blog post about this shortly.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else relevant to this post, I’ll hit the edit button and let you guys know. Thanks for reading!


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