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EE Artist program

EE Artist is a program I built in a few days to use with the game Everybody Edits. It takes in an image and spits out a packet list to use in WPE Pro to send blocks to a world in-game. It finds the block with the closest colour to the original in the image and places it in the world to recreate the image on the minimap. In the few worlds I’ve used it, it was very well received. It did its job very quickly and efficiently. However, I’m afraid I have bad news for those of you looking forward to this program.

It will be postponed for an undetermined length of time. I apologize to all those who are looking forward to it. It currently has no interface and I’m unsure how to go about adding one at this point. To be frank, I’m uninterested in the hassle right now. I’ve learned what I wanted to learn from this project. That is, I am now fully able to read in bitmaps and understand its contents. If you really want to use a program to draw for you, there is already a nice one also available for free called EE Animator.

If you’d like to learn more about the inner workings of my program, please click on the link to continue reading.

The program was programmed in C/C++. It reads in bitmaps based on what I learned from the very helpful Wikipedia article on the BMP file format. It reads in all the colour values for each pixel and finds the closest-coloured block in the list using an algorithm I also got from Wikipedia: Color Quantization. It uses C’s file-writing functions and C++’s lists. Anyone who knows how to program can replicate what I did at this point.

It also has an extra added feature to create a preview picture using the game’s blocks. That way you can tell when an image will look good or not in EE.

All hope is not lost, however. I may decide to release the non-interface version of the program. It will just have restrictions such as “always name your image input.bmp” or something like that. It currently supports Massive Worlds and Great Worlds, using images of those sizes. Any images that are of a size too big or too small will be rejected by my program.

Thank you for your interest! If you ever want art in your world, feel free to leave me a message here or in-game or something, and I’ll do it if I have the time. I’m Zalgryth and Megaryuu in-game. Megaryuu is only used for “world-farming”, while Zalgryth has all the cool blocks/fire wizard etc.


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